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The Bike Shelter Gallery, May 2021

I organised a pop-up art exhibition in Machynlleth Housing Co-op's bike shelter on the weekend of Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd May 2021.

We were featured in the Cambrian News Arts Section.

Bike Shelter GalleryAdvert.jpg

Artist statement

Tinder is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


(Quote misattributed to Albert Einstein)


I’ve been using dating apps, including Tinder, for the past five years. Daily, I perform a repetitive task - swiping left for no, and right for yes. To balance the equation, the universe throws back at me a repeating digital landscape of fish, guns, cheating husbands, and the peak of Pen y Fan. 


“I like things to be exactly the same over and over again,” said Andy Warhol, lots of times. “I’m deleting Tinder,” I’ve said, so many more. Loops are for people who are stuck, who can’t see another choice. I feel lonely while I’m swiping, but I worry that I’ll feel it even more if I stop. 


If there’s a way to keep my hands still, I haven’t found it yet. If there’s a way to win at Tinder, I think I would have found it by now.

These amazing artists took part in the exhibition:

Penny Tristram@pennytristram

Gráinne Murphy@grainne_am

Bethan Roberts

Richard Hawkins

Hele Oakley

Benji Robinson

Beth Maiden

Elena Blackmore 

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